3 Incredible Easy Ways To Mix Prints Like A Pro

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In just a few days, my favorite season officially begins – SPRING!!!!!!  What I love most about spring are the longer days, warmer weather aanndd the assortment of colors.  Although I wear bright colors throughout the year, this time of year is when I really throw caution to the wind and indulge in colors and prints.  But if you follow me on IG (follow here), then you already knew that mixing prints is sorta my thang.  So if you've ever thought about trying out this trend, but didn’t have a clue where to start?  Well Miss Lady, I got you...
So you're ready to get your feet wet with mixing prints?!  For a beginner, your first step is to start off with mixing colors not prints.  I would suggest starting off with black and white.  You can't really go wrong with this color combo.  A little polka dot top hear with maybe a stripe bottom or a floral bottom in combination with a plaid or even tribal print top.  Any two of the same shade of color would do, just make sure that the colors are balanced.

Are you ready for the next step?  Good!  Now let's wade a little further out into the deep.  Next you can start playing with different prints that share the same color or shade.  When you keep the colors in the same family, this helps to make sure that the prints aren't competing against each other.  So even if the prints are different the colors with bring the look together.    

Alright, you still with me?  Okay!  Now you're ready for the big leagues.  Mixing bold patterns with low contrast patterns can seem tricky; but completely doable.  Just make sure to scale each piece accordingly.  So if your top is colorful, your bottom can contain at least two of the colors in the top.  Or your look can contain two of the same patterns/prints but in different colors.  Mixing two or three different prints/patterns is completely fine, just as long as the colors compliment each other.  The objective is to create a bold statement without being overly busy.

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Here's a bonus tip for you...  If you're not ready to plunge into mixing prints with you clothes, start small.  Mix matching your accessories, such a handbag, a belt, a scarf or a hat.  Even your shoes can be used to create a print mix look.  Sounds like fun.  Are you ready to start mixing and matching today?

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