All Mixed UP!

Hi Stylenista's,

There's a certain classicness (is that a word?) to black and white.  Subconsciously, I tend to lean more towards the black/white combo.  I like the versatility that this color combo has.  One of my favorite style enthusiast's, who I deem the queen of black and white, is Janelle Monae.  She can wear the heck out of an black and white outfit.

Following me you see I'm a huge fan of prints.  Outside of polka dot's, window pane print has become my fave.  As an avid thrifter, my primary goal was to find them for less than $5.00.  Well, that didn't happen.  While out and about with my boo, I walked into the store and there they were; front and center.  I felt like a kid on Christmas.  They were not the $5 that I was hoping for, BUT I got want I wanted.

Outfit Details
Polka-dot button down - Thrifted - < $2.00
Window pane print pants - Old Navy - $35.00
Floral print tie - Thrifted - < $1.50