Inspiration = Inspired

Hello Stylenista's

Happy Thursday!!! I hope all is well.

As a fashion lover, I follow everything fashion related.  So one day while scrolling down my FB timeline, Mimi Goodwin of Mimi G Style had posted a DIY picture.  Before I could even read to see what the DIY was, I was drawn to her shoes.  She paired my fave color combo (black & white) with the cutest floral print pumps by Steve Madden.  Like a lioness on the prowl I headed straight to SM website.  Imagine my enthusiasm when I saw that they were still available in my size.  But to my dismay they were more than what I wanted to pay - they are $100!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not cheap. I just didn't want to pay a buck for them.

After months of stalking this pump and coming close (several times) to buying it, I almost passed out when JustFab sent an email showcasing their March selection and they had a similar pump for purchase.  I was so excited only to have the air let out of my balloon when I went to order it and it was sold out, apparently, I wasn't the only one thirsting for this shoe.  However, I never gave up hope.  I knew that one day "Madison" and I would be united.  Today I can say that she's on her way home!

JustFab version
Steve Madden version