Thrift Style Academy

Hi Stylenista's!

Class is in session!  Today's lesson is about creating your own look all while doing so on a budget.  If you've been following my blog, then you should know that you don't have to spend a lot in order to look trendy.  As for myself, I like to see how I can come up with my own trendy look.  

Guess what?  The only item that that I'm wearing that is NOT thrifted are my socks and shoes? And two of the pieces are name brand, get into that! This look is a mixture of a little vintage, a splash of modern with a twinkle of retro.  

Outfit details
Vintage blazer - Thrift Store - $1.00 
DIY jean vest - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - $2.50
Button down shirt - Part Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.75
Tie - Thrift Store - $?
Khaki pants - Part Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.75
Belt - Part Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.75
Shoes - Makemechic