How many times have you stood in front of your closet dreading getting dressed because you dislike everything in your wardrobe? Are you tired of spending countless dollars on clothes and still don’t know what to wear? Want to build a wardrobe that’s easy, versatile and full of clothes that you love?

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Then The Style Closet Masterclass Is For You!

The Style Closet is a six week style workshop created to help you discover your unique style and to help you build a wardrobe full of clothes that you love, making getting dressed a cinch.

This workshop is designed for individuals on the go, providing you with effective tips and tools to help you become your most stylish self.

WHAT’s included in


  • Fresh content delivered weekly

  • Live training and Q&A sessions with Melodie every week

  • Style growth assignments to help you expand your style

  • Wardrobe checklist

  • Shoppable style guides to help you live your best style life

  • Lifetime access to The Style Closet private Facebook group

  • Community Support

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Not sure if The Style Closet Masterclass is right for you?

it is if…

  • You want to stop wasting time and money on clothes that don't feel like YOU

  • You're struggling to create the look you want and need help creating outfits that feel like YOU

  • You’d love a fresh pair of eyes and a stylist’s opinion to ensure your image says EXACTLY what you want it to

  • You find yourself staring into a wardrobe full of uninspiring clothes wondering why you’re struggling to find the outfits you want to wear

  • You want help building a collection of clothes that suit you, flatter your figure and fit your lifestyle

personal stylist, Atlanta wardrobe stylist, Atlanta fashion stylist, Atlanta style blogger

Personal Stylist, Atlanta wardrobe stylist,

Inside of The Style Closet masterclass, I’ll Guide you through…

  • Analyzing and Auditing Your Wardrobe

    • Stop struggling with creating daily outfits. Learn what to throw away, what to keep and how to organize your wardrobe to you can put an outfit together with ease.

  • The Wardrobe Essentials

    • A list of wardrobe pieces for any closet

  • Understanding Core pieces vs Highlight pieces

    • The key strategy to curating a fully functional closet

  • Identify Your Style Personality

    • Pinpoint your unique style personality

  • Color Theory

    • Learn how to add and play with color in your wardrobe

  • Shopping Tips

    • How to know what to buy and where to shop

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The Style Closet Masterclass

Starts Thursday, November 7th / 8pm ET


How long is the Masterclass +

Six weeks long. Starting Thursday, November 7th - Thursday, December 19th.
*Break for Thanksgiving

What will it cost me +

The investment for enrolling in The Style Closet Masterclass is $97 for six weeks

Are payment plans available +

No ma'am (or sir). This is a six week course which members pay a one time enrollment fee of $97

What's included in The Style Closet Masterclass +

Once you enroll in The Style Closet Masterclass, you will instantly get access to:

  • The private Facebook group
  • You'll receive fresh content delivered weekly
  • Live group sessions with Melodie every week
  • Style growth assignments to help you expand your style
  • A wardrobe checklist
  • Shoppable style guides to help you live your best style life
  • Even more style related content to help you on your new style journey

How Long will I have access to The Style Closet's content +

Once you enroll in The Style Closet Masterclass you'll have access to everything indefinitely.

How does billing work +

Your card will be charged the day you sign up for The Style Closet Masterclass

Have more questions +